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Free vasectomy?!

So I saw on the webpages of doctor here that in Florida you can get a government handout for a vasectomy. I am really big on thinking everyone needs to just pay for their own stuff, but this actually seemed pretty good.

Since I am a full time student, I was thinking “hey, maybe I will take advantage of a government program?”. I called the center who handles the Title X program, and set up an appointment with them. I go in next Thursday. The funny/scary thing is, when I asked the lady if I need to bring in a copy of my last taxes, she said “no, according to Florida law we have to just take your word for it”.

The lady said that they have a list of doctors that accept Title X. This is probably a good thing since I am hoping to find a doctor who can better match my schedule. While the traveling doctor I was wanting to go to was the cheapest, I would have had to miss a weekend of work since he is only in my town on Fridays. We shall see…

I also like that the program I talked with also does a consultation thing. The traveling doctor just had a “sign up here online, and show up on surgery day with your money”. This is my manhood we are talking about, so I would like to speak with SOMEONE in person before it gets snipped!

Not too much to…

Not too much to add today. Most of the day was caught up in school and finishing up the semester. Oh, and getting puked on by my son at 7 am….then again at 7pm. Followed by a lot of crying most of the night. His mom is working tonight, so it’s just me and him tonight too.

On the plus side, I do not do well with crying. I also do not do well with puke. These two things are making the decision a little easier to sever my reproductive abilities. Tomorrow, I have no school, and nothing much else to do. I think it will be dedicated to another round of research and phone calls!

First Day of Research

Sooooo, today I began the research and watching videos on something that seems to be a pretty exciting (and scary journey). I called around about prices, and it looks like I decided which doctor I want to go with. 

One thing that does have me uneasy so far is the fact that this is a “traveling” Dr. and he will only be in my town on May 25th-ish (about a month away!) and on July (?) 13th. The July would give me a bit longer to think about this, but it’s also on Friday the 13th, so I am feeling a bit superstitious about that! 

Anyways, I guess I will give it the rest of the week and decide if I would rather get it over with, or if I should just go with the sketchy Friday the 13th day. 

I was feeling pretty confident and comfortable about the surgery…but then I ended up watching a video of the procedure on YouTube, and it has me a bit worried. I have never had any surgery, although I have had stitches a few times, but the thought of surgery has me really worried, even if its just a simple procedure.  


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