The story of my journey to (hopefully) get a vasectomy

First Day of Research

Sooooo, today I began the research and watching videos on something that seems to be a pretty exciting (and scary journey). I called around about prices, and it looks like I decided which doctor I want to go with. 

One thing that does have me uneasy so far is the fact that this is a “traveling” Dr. and he will only be in my town on May 25th-ish (about a month away!) and on July (?) 13th. The July would give me a bit longer to think about this, but it’s also on Friday the 13th, so I am feeling a bit superstitious about that! 

Anyways, I guess I will give it the rest of the week and decide if I would rather get it over with, or if I should just go with the sketchy Friday the 13th day. 

I was feeling pretty confident and comfortable about the surgery…but then I ended up watching a video of the procedure on YouTube, and it has me a bit worried. I have never had any surgery, although I have had stitches a few times, but the thought of surgery has me really worried, even if its just a simple procedure.  



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