The story of my journey to (hopefully) get a vasectomy

Surgery Tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 10:45 am is when I go in for the surgery! I still need to double check everything and make sure everything is ready to go (oh, and I need to finally remember to go by the ATM and get the rest of the money out for the procedure, lol I keep forgetting that!).

I am not sure what to think about it right now, but I think the anxiety and scaredness is just now starting to sink in. I know this is a minor procedure, so I keep reminding myself of that. At some point today I guess I need to go back on the doctor’s website and find out the information on what, if anything, I need to bring with me in the morning. I know how I am though, I will probably wait until late tonight to look all that up.

I am pretty pissed right now though. I was supposed to do my final bike ride today since from what I have read i will be off the bike for 2-4 weeks. Well, I would have had to be up at 7 for the ride and didn’t get home until 2am this morning. Something about a 50 mile bike ride on less than 5 hours of sleep just seemed like a bad idea, so that unfortunately didn’t happen. Super bummed about that…

I did read that I should be back to short runs after about a week, so that won’t be too bad. I will probably do a few miles tonight and maybe even a few more in the morning.

Next update might be post-op…..yikesssss!!

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