The story of my journey to (hopefully) get a vasectomy

Belated Surgery Update!

Ok, here is the update on my surgery. A few days late, but here non the less…

My appointment was last Friday at 11am. I showed up at 10:45 as was instructed by the doctor so I could get the paperwork done. I got the paperwork done, and met with the doctor at about 11:10 or so. By this time I was completely freaking the eff out.

The doc did a quick run-down of what he was about to do, and off he went! I was in a bit of a panic mode, so I just closed my eyes, and talked his head off so I would forget about the procedure. The whole thing was pretty painless. The numbing was the only pain, and then there was just a pulling sensation after that.

It was really quick and almost painless! I was back in the car by 11:30. Unfortunately, according to the doctor I was supposed to go straight home and kick back for the next 48 hours. Well….my girlfriend decided “forget your penis, I want to go out for lunch”. Up until about the point we finished eating, I am guessing the numbing was still kicked in. On the way home after lunch was a totally different story. Every single little itty bitty bump was murder on my manhood. I was in some major pain at this point.

As soon as I walked in the door, I took a 800 mg ibuprofen that we had left over from something else (illegal, yes, haha) and passed out in the bed. When I woke up the pain was amazingly gone…well not completely gone, but nothing like the horrible trip home. Really  90% of the pain I felt after this was up in my stomach. Almost like I needed to take a giant poop, haha. I took it easy the rest of the day Friday. On Saturday, I was getting stir crazy and moved around a little more that I was supposed to. I got  a little bit of pains here and there, but nothing serious.

That night, 36 hours after the procedure, I decided I REALLY needed to have sex. So after some major persuasion, I talked the girlfriend into it. I took it really slow and did all the work so I could control it and keep it safe. We were actually successful in having sex with no major pains!

Then today, Sunday, I decided that it would be my last chance to get any rest in, so I took it pretty easy today. I have a little bit of soreness on the left side, but once again, nothing major. I will be trying a short run of about 1.5 miles  tomorrow night and see how it goes…


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