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Consultation Appointment in the morning…

No real news today. I do have my consultation appointment in the morning to go over the procedure, and how I can get mine done for free!

I guess for the first time, this is starting to become more a reality, than just a dream. I am anxious to there and see what they have to say. I am sure I will have tons to update on tomorrow, I cant wait!


Not too much to…

Not too much to add today. Most of the day was caught up in school and finishing up the semester. Oh, and getting puked on by my son at 7 am….then again at 7pm. Followed by a lot of crying most of the night. His mom is working tonight, so it’s just me and him tonight too.

On the plus side, I do not do well with crying. I also do not do well with puke. These two things are making the decision a little easier to sever my reproductive abilities. Tomorrow, I have no school, and nothing much else to do. I think it will be dedicated to another round of research and phone calls!

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