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Getting close to the surgery date!

Today is Thursday May 16th, my surgery date is Friday May 25th. Only 8 more days until the big day!! I have since let a few people at work know about this due to the fact that I HATE taking days off of work, and I had to take off next weekend for the recovery (I work weekends only due to my school schedule). Of course, everyone thinks I am crazy, haha. I think I am somewhat sane now, but I would indeed go crazy if I had another child!

I really do not know what to think at this point. I think I am at a point right now where it hasn’t hit me as reality yet, even if there is only 8 days to go, haha. My girlfriend did have two wisdom teeth pulled out last weekend, and was in a little bit of pain for the day, but good to go the next day. I am hoping my recovery will go just as smoothly. A lot of what I have read online, people who had the vasectomy where saying that after a day off their feet, the pain was almost gone. The thing that concerns me is, I hate being off my feet, I am a very active person. Most the bad things I have read so far are from people who said they were in no pain the next day, and took that as a sign that they were good to go, and went on about their every day business. That definitely sounds like something I will do if I am not careful…

I am glad I wrote this post, it reminds me that I need to call the scalpel doctor and cancel my appointment, haha.


Officially set my appointment date…

Ok, after researching the doctor that was picked for the free vasectomy, I found out that he does the scalpel method. I kept hearing “no scalpel method” advertised by a lot of other doctors. Instead of a scalpel, they use a “stabbing” tool to gain entry into the body to snip and seal off the vas. I Googled it to see if there was actually any benefit of the no scalpel method, or if it was just a term used because it sounds a lot less scary. I mean they still are cutting into your man hood in one way or another, right? Well it turns out that there is actually a lot less risk of bleeding, swelling, and pain with the no scalpel method…This really makes me wonder why the free doctor does not adopt this method.

Anyways, after reading about the increased risk with the scalpel method, I called the traveling doctor (who uses the no scalpel method) to see if I would be able to get an appointment for his next visit here, on May 25th. They said there was an opening!! I paid my $100 deposit, and watched the required video for the 100th time, and have to call them back in the morning to see what time my appointment is. I don’t think I have been scared more during this whole adventure as I was when I hit the “submit” button for the online application!!

Oh, and I guess since I have finally settled on a doctor to do the procedure, I will go ahead and post the link to his website!

If you are from the Florida area, I can guarantee you have seen this guy on a billboard somewhere.

I got the paperwork from my possible doctor today…

So yea, I got the paperwork from the “free vasectomy” doctor today. So as of right now, my appointment for surgery is June 2nd. I am still not sure if I will be able to get that weekend off for the surgery though, or if I will have to reschedule it. I do feel a bit better about him at this point in time than I originally did. At first his method (no permanent clip on the vas) kind of scared me, but I have been reading a little more about it, and it seems like a legit method.

My boss actually asked that I take off the weekend BEFORE June 2nd. The weekend before is the weekend that the traveling doctor will be in town. Something in my gut (or is it in my nuts?) is telling me that I should go with the traveling doctor. I don’t know what it is, but the “free” doctor gives me bad vibes. Maybe its the fact that I have never seen this guy’s face, and do not know anything about him. I do not know.

Anyways, the plan for tomorrow is to call the traveling doctor’s office tomorrow and see what they have to say…This may get interesting!

Consultation appointment this morning?!?!

My appointment for the consultation was this morning at 10am. This appointment was for the Title 10, government vasectomy grants; not the actual doctor who would be doing the surgery. When I called to schedule the appointment the other day, the lady told me that if I wanted to get there about 9:30 and get it started early, I could. So me, always in a hurry to get things knocked out, got there around 9:15.

Of course, this place was in the most ghetto hospital in a very ghetto city (Jacksonville Florida). When I walked into the hospital (where the Title 10 office was), and got to the ladies office, I thought I made a wrong turn and ended up in a storage closet. This office was TINY!

She had me fill out some forms when I got there, and then put me in the “TV Room”. This thing looked like it was the closet for the closet, haha. The TV in the room was one of the old school fat TVs, and had a VCR (yes, a VCR) hooked up to it. I guess they used a  VCR because the video they showed me what made in like the early 1980s. It was bad. The guy was wearing a sweater, and his wife had a giant 80s fro going on. Luckily I already knew about everything that was on the video from my own research, so I was free to just giggle silently about how “nerdy” everyone looked in the 80s.

One the 30 year old video was over, the lady in the office came back with a “surprise”…it was a business card…with my surgery date already scheduled with the only doctor in the area that they work with. Yea, she didn’t come back and ask if it was something I still wanted to do, or ask if there was a preferred day to do it on…No, she came back with my appointment already set! Oh, and that date is ~30 days away!!

This definitely caught me by major surprise. Yes, I do want the surgery, but I would also like to take it slow. This is my “boys” we are talking about snipping…

Anyways, I will be looking up reviews on this doctor today, and make sure I do not want to call and cancel. For something like this, I would rather pay $500 for the traveling doctor who has a great reputation, then spend $0 and get hacked up, haha…

Appointment for Free Vasectomy…

Soooo, I decided that I would go in to speak with the lady who is in charge of getting the government grants for vasectomies. Today is Tuesday, and I have an appointment with her on Thursday at 9am.

Apparently in the state of Florida (or my county, not sure who is in charge of it) they are not allowed to require proof of income. So yea, when she asked me how much money I made last year, I made “oh, only about $8,000”  As soon as I said that, she said I was definitely eligible.

The cool thing is, they do a consultation as well. I’m not sure if I already said this, but I really look forward to getting the consultation, and hearing information about this from somewhere besides what I read and watch online. The only downside, that is also a benefit, is that they have a 30 day waiting period before they will allow you to do the surgery. My initial plan was to have the surgery on May 25th when the traveling doc is in town. May 25th is NOT in the 30 day window, so there goes that plan! However, since the program will be paying for it, I can possibly get it done from one of the local docs on a day that is more convenient with my schedule. Next Wednesday I start a class at school that last 6 weeks, so any time after that would be awesome! I am hoping for a Tuesday surgery!

Free vasectomy?!

So I saw on the webpages of doctor here that in Florida you can get a government handout for a vasectomy. I am really big on thinking everyone needs to just pay for their own stuff, but this actually seemed pretty good.

Since I am a full time student, I was thinking “hey, maybe I will take advantage of a government program?”. I called the center who handles the Title X program, and set up an appointment with them. I go in next Thursday. The funny/scary thing is, when I asked the lady if I need to bring in a copy of my last taxes, she said “no, according to Florida law we have to just take your word for it”.

The lady said that they have a list of doctors that accept Title X. This is probably a good thing since I am hoping to find a doctor who can better match my schedule. While the traveling doctor I was wanting to go to was the cheapest, I would have had to miss a weekend of work since he is only in my town on Fridays. We shall see…

I also like that the program I talked with also does a consultation thing. The traveling doctor just had a “sign up here online, and show up on surgery day with your money”. This is my manhood we are talking about, so I would like to speak with SOMEONE in person before it gets snipped!

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