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First Run Post-op!

I finally got out and went for my first run since the surgery. It was 4.5 days since I had the vasectomy. I did a short run of only about 2.8 miles. I am not sure what pace I ran. I wasn’t expecting to be able to run the whole time so I didn’t bother to bring my Garmin running GPS with me. Now I kind of wish I did, it felt like I was still able to run a normal pace.

For the run, I put on the tightest pair of underwear I had…and then I rolled the top down to make them even tighter. It seemed like the extra, extra support did help a lot. After the run, there was maybe (and I do mean maybe) a slight bit more “pain” down there than there was before the run. At this point, when I say pain, I mean there is just a slight hint of some feeling down there. I think by tomorrow, or the day after, I will basically be pain free!

There is a bike ride on Tuesday at 6pm that I might try to get up the balls (haha) to do. The distance is about 30 miles. The average pace was about 19 mph last time I did this ride. That pace is not fast necessarily, but it is in an area with a lot of red lights and stop signs. Oh, and did I mention that I will be riding my fixed gear? Yea, only one gear, and I do not even have a freewheel so I can take a break and coast!

Healing is going wonderfully, hopefully the next update will be about being 100% pain free!

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