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Free vasectomy?!

So I saw on the webpages of doctor here that in Florida you can get a government handout for a vasectomy. I am really big on thinking everyone needs to just pay for their own stuff, but this actually seemed pretty good.

Since I am a full time student, I was thinking “hey, maybe I will take advantage of a government program?”. I called the center who handles the Title X program, and set up an appointment with them. I go in next Thursday. The funny/scary thing is, when I asked the lady if I need to bring in a copy of my last taxes, she said “no, according to Florida law we have to just take your word for it”.

The lady said that they have a list of doctors that accept Title X. This is probably a good thing since I am hoping to find a doctor who can better match my schedule. While the traveling doctor I was wanting to go to was the cheapest, I would have had to miss a weekend of work since he is only in my town on Fridays. We shall see…

I also like that the program I talked with also does a consultation thing. The traveling doctor just had a “sign up here online, and show up on surgery day with your money”. This is my manhood we are talking about, so I would like to speak with SOMEONE in person before it gets snipped!


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