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Officially set my appointment date…

Ok, after researching the doctor that was picked for the free vasectomy, I found out that he does the scalpel method. I kept hearing “no scalpel method” advertised by a lot of other doctors. Instead of a scalpel, they use a “stabbing” tool to gain entry into the body to snip and seal off the vas. I Googled it to see if there was actually any benefit of the no scalpel method, or if it was just a term used because it sounds a lot less scary. I mean they still are cutting into your man hood in one way or another, right? Well it turns out that there is actually a lot less risk of bleeding, swelling, and pain with the no scalpel method…This really makes me wonder why the free doctor does not adopt this method.

Anyways, after reading about the increased risk with the scalpel method, I called the traveling doctor (who uses the no scalpel method) to see if I would be able to get an appointment for his next visit here, on May 25th. They said there was an opening!! I paid my $100 deposit, and watched the required video for the 100th time, and have to call them back in the morning to see what time my appointment is. I don’t think I have been scared more during this whole adventure as I was when I hit the “submit” button for the online application!!

Oh, and I guess since I have finally settled on a doctor to do the procedure, I will go ahead and post the link to his website!

If you are from the Florida area, I can guarantee you have seen this guy on a billboard somewhere.


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